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Global Executive Management Dashboard



The Global Executive Manager or GEM Systems has been designed to offer a dashboard view of operations for various levels of the management team. The GEM is customizable for executives to view top line information such as Revenue, Profit, Loss and quality performance, as well as Tier 2 management, who can view Quality, Cost and Performance data from a unit or touch perspective. Though not limited to, the system could be driven as far down as predicting LMS type statistics, for individual assignments, whether they be in the warehouse or in a delivery vehicle.

The major benefit of the GEM system is to combine for all aspects of management the Key Performance Indicators of the business unit, and cater those to the audience which is viewing them.  Whether you manage by dollars or by units the GEM system can make the difference between winning or losing as a business.

An example of a ‘Board-Level’ Executive Dashboard may contain:

  • Existing Sales & Costs for a pre-defined timeline (weekly or monthly) broken down by Key Accounts Performance and by Region/Or Business Unit
  • Key KPI Figures – Labor Utilization and Performance (by Facility or Region),Space Utilization by Facility (or Geographic Region),Cost/Revenue per Pallet Space or Direct Touch (by facility/Region)
  • New Business & Sales Pipeline
  • Human Resources and Compliance
  • Direct Product Profitability (Logistics Cost by SKU)
  • Breakeven Analysis for Customer Orders (or Min Order Qty)

Basic Reports can be for any time period and filtered by any criteria and cross-referenced between any or all the source data files.