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Product Training

Product Training

Insight offers a variety of product training courses to help you create innovative learning content, and to demonstrate product functionality for optimal results. We provide a full line of roles-based, hands-on, and results-oriented training in the following formats:

 - Instructor-Led Workshops:
held at your location or ours – the most qualified, focused, hands-on training.
 - Online Learning: for up to three participants – training at your own pace.
 - Regularly Scheduled Public Courses:
can also be held at your location, for an additional charge.
 - Advanced Instruction: consulting and mentoring on-site or online.
 - Train-the-Trainer and Developer Certification Programs:
Certification programs are for corporate users only, and may be transferable.

If you are new to our products, or require further instruction, Insight provides expert training and mentoring options for you and your team.

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